Friday, January 09, 2015


I got these prompts from Marie Claire...

  1. Would always: choose eggs Would never: say over easy
  2. Picky about: gin Not so much about: vodka
  3. I feel for: sad people No sympathy: for people who call out of work
  4. Glad it's ahead of me: marriage (I hope!)  Glad it's behind me: SATs
  5. Early for: trends Late for: fads
  6. Would pay good money for: clothes Wouldn't take even if free: manga
  7. Fear conquered: nothing to do Note quite there yet: losing people
  8. Getting better at: writing Getting worse at: faking it
  9. Moment of triumph: bassoon! Epic fail: still haven't written a song
  10. Skills mastered: making omelettes Can't quite get the hang of: cooking meat
  11. Risky when it comes to: new music Play it safe when it comes to: movies in the theatre
  12. Always up for: a new beer Never up for: driving long distances
  13. Lie about: when I'm free Honest about: what I want to do
  14. Too much in my life: driving Not enough of: travel
  15. Worth the wait: shopping with my mom No patience for: people who won't shut up
  16. Better than I expected: Scotland Worse than I expected: not being in Scotland
  17. True believer: that water cures everything Major skeptic: psychics

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