Sunday, January 04, 2015

Friends Review: 1.2: TOWTSATE

The One With The Sonagram At The End

  • A lot has changed from the pilot to the second episode. The hair is all WAY better, most noticeably. The clothes are still dated, but not as bad as the first episode. 
  • So Ross is a paleontologist. I dig it. I always loved that about him.
  • Carol shows up (who ends up being a totally different actress later) to tell Ross that she's pregnant. Was this risque in 1994? I can't remember.
  • We find out that Monica is a clean freak and has some issues with her parents because they looovvveeee Ross.
  • Ugly Naked Guy! When I was in NYC once, I totally saw one of those across in a window! I was so excited. Then grossed out.
  • Is it bad I like Rachel's wrap skirt in this episode?
  • Ummmm, Monica didn't fully shut the door after Ross came in.
  • I can't stop looking at Ross' awful, huge, striped tie.
  •  Do you notice how sweaty Mr. Gellar gets when dissing Monica? It's kinda weird.
  • I love TV staging. Why on earth would Ross get up from the table and stand behind his parents to tell them about Carol and the baby?
  • Ugh, Rachel speaks the truth. Weren't we supposed to meet someone, fall in love, and that would be it? *sigh*
  • Carol's girlfriend, Susan, is so annoying. 
  • Ugh, outfit failure for Rachel: baggy overalls and a shapeless coat. To go see her ex-fiance? Poor choice, girl.
  • "Helen Geller?!" Lol

A good second episode! Can't wait for the next. 

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