Sunday, January 11, 2015

Friends Review: 1.3: TOWTT

The One With The Thumb

  • The denim game is so off in these early episodes of Friends. Baggy jeans, overalls, mom jeans, ugh! Maybe this explains why I kind of like Rachel's denim vest/shirt? Is it just in comparison to the other atrocities that I like it?
  • So Joey has to learn how to smoke for a part and Chandler, who had quit, helps him out. It's always weird seeing older shows where people smoke inside since that's not allowed in 98% of places.
  • Rachel being a bad waitress is fun. I think it's because it's how I would be, too. 
  • Sometimes I really hate Phoebe. She's too quirky at times.
  • OMG Rachel's blue/white checked dress! I had the exact same one! I'm fairly confident I bought it because of Friends.
  • The scene with Chandler smoking at work is so annoying. I hate comedy that wouldn't work in the real world.But did you notice his ghetto computer!?
  • "And there it was, like this this tiny little hitchhiker."
  • Whoa, Chandler's shirt with the circles. So so so so bad. And not much later with his vest/tie combo.
  •  Phoebe offers Chandler $7k to never smoke again. I wish I'd get an offer like that. 
This episode isn't the best, actually. Let's move on...

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