Sunday, October 28, 2007


My brain is tired from two weeks of too much school work and not enough sleep. I need help decided what to be for Halloween! Every time I try to brainstorm my mind goes blank. I would like to work with what I have. So, buying a costume is not going to happen. I will not be changing the color of my hair. I will not spend more than about $15.

This is what I have been in past years:

I was trying to brainstorm for an idea by thinking about movies I like, but, like I said, my brain is not so much working right now. Anyone with dark hair and bangs? I am up for suggestions! Help!!!


*I sort of want to be her all day, every day.


rooroo said...

dora the explorer :)

Anonymous said...

Liz Taylor.... but she had short hair. You could be that little girl "Samara" from The Ring!!!!

Miss Scarlet said...

Rooroo- NO. Hate her.

Randi- I considered her. She's awesome.

Marissa said...

what about one of those 50 pinup girls? someone suggested it to me last year but i never did it. would be fun!

CBK said...

Duhhh! Callie from Grey's Anatomy!

Miss Scarlet said...

Marissa- While I would make a smokin' pinup, I'll have to pass. Someone else was that the other night.

CBK- Uhh, no.

Ant said...

Bit late but... I hope you went as Cleopatra - all bangles and jewellery and stuff. Plus you get to throw folk to the lions...