Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Asking For It

I like to steal other people's ideas. No, I kid. I'm a kidder. But I am going to steal an idea from Kristabella today (who, I think, borrowed it from someone else). So anyway, people sometimes get to my blog via random google searches, right? Well, until now these keywords were only known by me. Today, though, I am going to share....I can tell you're excited.

  • "You-tell-me-that-you-love-me, but you never wa"- Hmmm? Cake? Now I have that song in my head. Thanks a lot.
  • "dawson's creek quotes art imitates life"- Awesome because I am always saying how my life either is, or I want it to be just like Dawson's Creek. Love me some Pacey!
  • "where's the party techno"- Sounds like you lost your DJ. Might I suggest one?
  • "it's too late to apologize dances"- You should never apologize for how you dance. Work it! Own it!
  • "vanessa crazy cunt"- This one makes sense. She is crazy. In the best possible way.
  • "crowd surf boobs"- This is why I do NOT crowd surf!
  • "witty comebacks innuendos"- Why don't you just email me.
Well, sorta fun. I dunno.


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Kristabella said...

Bacon said it was smokin'