Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Apparently I will do anything in order to not do my annotated bibliography that is due this week. There are many things I loathe doing:
  1. Cleaning out my car.
  2. Doing laundry.
  3. Anything having to do with APA.
So, in order to avoid #3, I did #1 and #2. Repeat: I cleaned out my car and started laundry in order to not have to start writing my annotated bibliography. This disturbs me on a certain level. Especially since it's warm outside and I hate the warm, so to voluntarily go out in it seems just wrong. But now the washer is spinning and my car is clean so the time has come to start this damn assignment.

But first, I noticed a few things while cleaning out my car. You know, like if I pretended to be one of those anthropologists who analyzes people based on their trash and possessions, what would I conclude.

  1. I drink a lot of water. (There were roughly 10 empty water bottles in there!)
  2. I do not like shoes. (There were about six pairs in my backseat. I get in my car after work and the first thing I do is put on flip flops.)
  3. I listen to, and own (and borrow), a lot of CDs. (Radiohead, Foo Fighters, a bag from Amoeba, Kyuss, Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, two small CD cases, etc.)
  4. I read magazines while driving. (Just kidding, I do not, but there are four in my backseat.)
  5. I want it to be cold. (Scarf there, just waiting to be worn.)
*sigh* I really have to go write this damn thing. I HATE YOU, APA!!!!



Anonymous said...

Well, at least you only have about a year of school left..... yay!

Marissa said...

haha! yeah. i hate apa too. the WORST! and it sounds like you are just as talented a procrastinator as i am!! :)