Thursday, October 04, 2007


My new obsession is songs with the word "she".

There is something about voice and guitar and that word that makes up something very special. As was pointed out to and realized by me, "she" is often used in break up songs. Songs that obviously came from pain and emotion and by using just the pronoun, it covers so much. It's like the singer/writer can't bring themselves to say her name, yet, at the same time, referring to someone as "she" is almost more personal. I'm not sure I can explain it, it may just be one of those weird things I like. You know, like clapping in songs, or the use of whistles (Axl Rose, I'm looking at you.)

Some favorites that come to mind...Please suggest any you can think of, I want to make a mix:

"She Says"- Howie Day

"Hang"- Matchbox Twenty

"Say Yes"- Elliott Smith

"Thinking About You"- Radiohead

and maybe my absolute favorite:

"Black" by Pearl Jam



Anonymous said...

Don't forget "She" By Green Day (off of their Dookie album). Great song!

CBK said...

Or "She" by Elvis Costello, off the "Notting Hill" soundtrack, I believe.

veeda said...

What She Said -- The Smiths
Steady As She Goes -- The Raconteurs
Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down -- Interpol
She's Losing It -- Belle & Sebastian
She's Hearing Voices -- Bloc Party
She's Got a New Spell -- Billy Bragg
she said she said -- the Beatles
She Is -- Sufjan Stevens
If She Wants Me -- Belle & Sebastian

Ultimate favorite:
And she was -- Talking Heads