Sunday, October 21, 2007


I don't mean to keep posting lists about what I need to do and how stressed I am...but with another week of deadlines upon us, that is what you will get. Deal with it:

To Do:
  1. Research paper due Saturday. This is one of those awesome, "I'm not going to give a length requirement. Just write "enough" to present both sides and "thoroughly" research everything. Help!
  2. Rewrite part of a paper and resubmit for Saturday class. This is a bit lower on the priority list, but I do have to do it. I have to add in some stuff to resubmit it.
  3. Research topic for Thursday night class. There are only seven of us in this class so there is no way I can hide.
  4. Fix annotated bibliography for Thursday night class (on a previous topic).
  5. Complete two peer reviews by Friday of classmates' literature reviews. One motherfucker wrote 17 pages. Are you kidding me?? I almost cried when I saw that.
  6. Presentation for Saturday (on #1 paper topic).
I am fine when in denial, but if I think about the list in relation to my upcoming week, I get a little anxious.



Randi said...

Smoking a bowl may take the edge off :) :)

Marissa said...

oh i hear you. im always in a panic about all my tasks and to-dos. good luck!

Ant said...

Blimey. Sound like you're a stressed bunny.

Long holiday at the end of it. Doctor's orders!