Sunday, February 22, 2009

All The Pretty Faces

Oscar Fashion:

Miley Cyrus- I love it. It does look like it weighs a ton, though. It's a risky dress because it's so ornate, but also safe because of the silhouette. I always wonder why some people show up so early. How is that planned?

Taraji Henson- Gorgeous hair! I am not the biggest fan of her gown, but I don't hate it. It might be my personal dislike of ivory as a clothing color, and it's probably partly because I can't say I like them all, haha! She is so cute in her interview. I love her!

Vanessa Hudgens- I think she is precious. I can't even see her dress. Good job, E! Okay I see it now and I am not a fan. I love the top and the color (black!), but the bottom is too odd. She said the designer transformed it from a short dress to a long one and I think it was probably better short.

Melissa Leo- I love the burnt orange color, but am not the biggest fan of the cut.

Viola Davis- I feel like this is a dress that probably looks better in person. Because I like it, but I don't. Wow, I'm having bipolar fashion comments tonight.

Heidi Klum- Sometimes I wonder why she's invited to these things. I hate her hair. It makes her look old. I love the massive amount of jewelry she is wearing. I like the dress, though. Red rules.

Amy Adams- In Carolina Herrera, a favorite of mine. How many reports will comment on a redhead wearing red? I love her dress and the necklace is interesting, but it works. She's so pretty!

Amanda Seyfried- I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure that's a dress I vetoed for New Years. Horrible.

Sarah Jessica Parker- It's like because she never gets nominated, she wants to stand out with her dress.

Melissa George- She wore the corset and petticoat, but forgot to put on the dress.

Robert Pattinson- He's hott. And his hair is well-behaved now.

James Franco- Also hott.

Evan Rachel Wood- Another person who shouldn't be invited.

Anne Hathaway- She loves that straight line look, doesn't she? The close up of her dress does it much better justice, I will say.

Marisa Tomei- She reminds me of Jennifer Capriati. Gorgeous dress.

Mickey Rourke- I don't want him to win just because I <3 a="" and="" around="" br="" brad="" by="" crazy.="" dog="" giving="" he="" himself="" his="" little="" neck.="" of="" okay="" penn="" picture="" pitt="" props.="" redeeming="" s="" sean="" think="" wearing="">
Josh Brolin and Diane Lane- I love her.

Queen Latifah- I don't like her. Do you?

Jessica Biel- Her hair is a hott mess.


Penelop Cruz- She's so pretty. I always love her hair.

Kate Winslet- Yay! love the gray/black. I hope she wins!

Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie- Love her green earrings. Love him. I love his little bowtie! Love love love!


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