Sunday, February 08, 2009

Winner Of The

The Grammys 2009:

+Whitney Houston- Seriously? I sorta hate her. And why is she showing leg? stop.

+Is The Rock trying to pull a Joaquin Phoenix by giving up 'acting' for stand up?

+Mr. JT=<3 (Oh man, he's singing. Please record another album.)

+Coldplay is the new Dave Matthews Band. They're talented, of course, but they're getting the follow- (OMG JAY Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) -ing where people think they're the best thing ever. And they are not. I still like them, but I also know what else is out there. As long as you don't act like they're the greatest ever, we will be fine.

+Does Keith Urban somehow have an Australian/Country accent?

+I'm so bored.

+Any award Radiohead is up for...they should win!

+Taylor Swift is all "Look at me, bitch. I can play an instrument!" Oh didn't they both date Jonas boys?

+I like that Robert Plant/Allison Krauss song, actually. All the old people will be having a boner for it now again, though.

+Not a Jennifer Hudson fan. She's going to make me cry, though.

+Stevie Wonder ate Daft Punk!

+I still have a crush on Tom Delonge. I had the black and white poster of him with the lip ring. Holy hell. Love.

+Oh! A category I care about...Best Rock Album: Coldplay? I thought they said rock. Hehe Just kidding. I'm just bitter The Raconteurs didn't win.

+A lot of my crushes are at The Grammys. Craig Ferguson!

+Kenny Chesney? WHY!?

+Natalie Cole is thisclose to having a wardrobe malfunction.

+Record Of The Year: *snore* what happened?

+Queen Latifah really wants Chicago 2 to happen, eh?

+M.I.A. deserves an award of some kind for performing on her due date.

+you can pay for school, but you can't buy class!

+T.I. must be sad. 366 days in jail coming up mighty soon!


+I know where Dave Grohl's house is. That is all.

+All I can think about is Jack Black, tied to a tree, talking about blow jobs.

+Male Pop Vocal: John Mayer! I have a crush on him, too. I want him to talk to TMZ about our love affair. He can leave the Borat suit at home...

+Ladies Love Cool James!

+I can see why people like Sugarland. That was a neat song.

+Gwyneth Paltrow! Love her. She's so cute. And what an awesome dress.


+I was in marching band! I've never said that with excitement until now;)

+Great...and now I can never erase this off my Tivo. Fucking A Radiohead kicks ass!

+Good job, Grammys. The only way to follow up Radiohead is with Justin Timberlake hottness.

+I feel like this is a good night for classical musicians. First you get straight up brass backing up Radiohead and now there's a string section accompanying JT and T.I. I'm lovin' it! (But where are the clarinets?)

+BB King? Love him. Oh my, playing with John Mayer-yum.

+Looooove New Orleans music.

+Best Rap Album: I want Jay Z, of course. But Lil' Wayne is okay, too:) But he smokes lots of pot so I hope they don't take his award away and threaten to arrest him. RIDICULOUS!

+Robert Plant and Allison Kraus- Hope this is the song I like. (it is!) Dude on the guitar is super cool. I love music where I feel like I'm sitting in on a jam-like session. Like I shouldn't be hearing what's going on.

+I would like a wind machine on me daily.

+I also kinda want a corset top now. Not in a weird goth way.

+Someone at work asked me, "Who are these guys?" I said, "Um, he's like, really well known in rock and she's a bluegrass chick." Awkward.

+Bille Joe Armstrong and I have the same birthday (17 FEB!)

+ALBUM OF THE YEAR OH I HOPE IT'S RADIOHEAD!!!!!!! (Johnny Greenwood!) Fuck. Not Radiohead.:( (Although, I'm okay with Robert Plant/Allison Krauss winning because I think it's a good album and different.)



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