Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Coming Of Spring

Everyone keeps saying how "nice this weather is" and it's starting to really irk me. I don't comprehend enjoying unseasonable warmth in the middle of winter. I can see how people enjoy spring, but I do not. I hate sneezing and I hate pastels. Loving temps approaching 100 seems insane to me (unless you're at the beach or pool). I am a hardcore winter girl. Fall is my favorite because it's so pretty, but it's never cold enough when the leaves are changing.

Even though we have many more weeks of cold weather (OR AT LEAST WE BETTER), you warm-weather lovers have me upset already about spring approaching. Like how some people get the winter blues, I get upset when the weather starts to warm up. So, because of this, I have enacted a Birthday* Rule:

There will be no mention of spring until after my birthday week.

Thank you...


*My birthday is 17 Feb!!!!!


Serena said...

I think I felt a northern wind this morning :-)

Randi said...

Boo! Spring rocks (sorry, dude)!

Miss Scarlet said...

Serena- Me, tooooo!

Randi- You blatantly broke my rule. I hope you sweat a lot this spring.

speener said...

You definitely live too far south - Chicago is a great town. Boston too.