Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rule Breaker

Twitter is, like, wayyy popular right now*. Everyone and their mother is on it. I follow everyone from CNN to Serena to Jimmy Fallon. It's fun to both follow close friends and people who may or may not be famous. Having been on there for awhile now, I have noticed a few very annoying habits, though. I present them to you now and beg you not to do the following:

+ Fictional character twitters** can be fun, but don't go overboard. Having fake 'twitter conversations' about stuff from books or TV shows is not fun for us. Keep it to a minimum. (See the following)

+ Don't use Twitter as an instant messaging service. Or, if you do, use the Direct Message feature. No one wants to read the twitters being sent from you to your friend that mean nothing to us. "@CFB Are you coming over later?" "@Sarah Yes at 9." Now, why was texting not used for that?

+ However, if you have a lot of friends and need to tell them what time to come over, then sure, do a mass twitter, but be ready for strangers to show up.

+ Asking a question via Twitter is genius really. Kirstin one time asked via Twitter why a bartender put salt on her napkin before setting her beer down and I think about 8,489 people replied with the answer.

+ Traffic updates are acceptable, but do not overdue it. Reporting congestion on a highway at 8am probably is not twitter worthy.

+ Don't use twitter as a means to up your self confidence. Making eye contact when taking your order does not count as checking you out.

+ Being cryptic is okay sometimes, but being passive aggressive is not. Sometimes you just need to say something and have no one know what it means.

+ Don't advertise.

+ Don't spam.

That is all (for now).


*That was supposed to be in full-on Robin Sparkles "Let's Go To The Mall" voice.
**I don't like the word tweet.

+Title from Ashlee Simpsons


Serena said...

I hate hate hate people who use Twitter just to pimp themselves out (not talking about Terra Dawn) and who post the link to the same post over and over and beg for comments. It very quickly turns me into a bitch.

mijoy said...

Please explain twitter to me. I am a techno geek, but have not entered the world of twitter yet.

Educate me, Red.

Cheryl said...

LOL! Amen. and thanks.

Laura said...

Just found your page through 20sb...I really don't understand what is so awesome about Twitter? I guess I shouldn't judge, I've never tried it before, but I'm pretty sure I would just be annoyed by it. Love the blog by the way - keep it up!

jg3 said...

excellent twitter rules. since nobody else seems to have done this yet, we'll start with these. :)

Note that you can "direct message" to people via twitter. Why would you do that instead of texting? well, if it is your friends I don't know, but for people you don't have in your phonebook this is useful. For some reason I follow my two cousins on twitter but don't have their numbers in my phone.

and for mijoy: I've sometimes described twitter as a text messaging to a mailing list. That's not at all thorough or even accurate in some cases, but it does capture the bulk of what twitter seems to be used for.

A better explanation (RTFM) would be just go to and find out.