Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Memory Lane

When I was about 13, I helped out at a Girl Scout camp with my mom. For one of the activities, a man dressed up as Robin Hood would have the kids make a passport and then, as they went to the different stations through out the day, they would get stamps for where they went. Since I was there to help the kids, I made one, too. When I went to have "Robin Hood" stamp my passport, he stamped it and then wrote, "To you, my maid Marion" and did some fancy bow towards me. I was beyond embarrassed. I didn't think he was actually Robin Hood. I knew he was an actor, but I thought he was flirting with me. I wouldn't let anyone see my passport, but I do still have it somewhere.

I'm not sure what reminded me of that.


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Ant said...

This made me smile... :-)