Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby One More Time

Today was the day! The royal baby is here! And it's a boy! How exciting!, there are a lot of (vocal) haters out there. I get it, I really do. There are a lot of things I dislike (manga, humidity, and phones vibrating on a table to name a few), but I think it's funny when the haters say things like, "Why do you even care? We don't even live in England!" Or "The monarchy doesn't even do anything there." What about, "Who cares about a bunch of rich people?"

Well, I guess the point is: I care. And that's all that matters for me. It doesn't make me a dumb person or shallow or any other words thrown about when talking about the royal mania. It's fun! I can do whatever I want with my own thoughts and today I chose to be excited about the royal baby.

Besides, there are many reasons why I would have an interest in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge:

-Kate is a fashion icon! And yes, I love fashion. She wears my favorite designer, Alexander McQueen quite often and I love it! She has perfect hair. I want and need her hair! It's not so odd for me to check out an article on her clothes in a magazine. It's not like anyone in my real life is running around wearing Jimmy Choo heels and McQueen coats. (Because if anyone in my daily life is wearing those, it better be me!)

-I also love the historical aspect of  William and Kate's union and their new baby, who will one day inherit the throne. It's really not that far from reading about the incredible life of Queen Elizabeth I and jumping ahead to Queen Victoria and then to the current queen and her son, grandson, and great grandson who continue the line. That's really cool! Even if the monarchy is completely different from when Henry VIII* reigned, it's still a deeply rooted tradition and that's just really, effing cool.

-BABIES! I love babies. I'm always excited to see a new baby and this is a baby on the grandest of stages. How can a baby lover resist!? (Also, this baby is way far away and I'll never have to hear him cry.)

-It's a fairytale. Sure, not for everyone, but every time I watch the Princess Diaries** I imagine what it would be like if I found out I was going to be Queen. Kate Middleton was just a regular girl and now she's given birth to a future king. That's wild!

So, that all said...NAMES! I'm guessing either Phillip or Albert. You?


+Title from Britney Spears

*Can we for a moment remember how hot Jonathan Rhys Meyers was in the Showtime show The Tudors? AHHHHH!
**What? You haven't watched it several times?

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