Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Like Girls That Drink Beer

I'm a big fan of beer. Like, huge. In the past couple of years I have been tracking my beer tasting on untappd, a popular app where users can "check in" to beers they're drinking, earn badges, and discover new brews. So far, I've logged in 182 different kinds of beer. One hundred and eighty two! That's A LOT of beer! My goal, though, is to reach 300 different beers by the end of the year. It's actually difficult to try a lot of beers in the Northern Virginia area because most "bars" serve the standard Sam Adams, Coors Light, Guinness, etc. set up without too much variation. We don't have a lot of those types of bars with hundreds of bars from which to choose.
I added a bunch of new beers back in May when I visited my sister in Connecticut. There are quite a few breweries around and a lot of bars with many options. My beer tasting has stalled in the past few months so today I went to Total Wine and bought a sampler six pack of new beers. As a gift for my birthday back in February I had received 12 new kinds so this should definitely help my numbers.

As for favorites and not favorites, it's tough for me to choose. Of course I love anything by Sam Adams, but I also really like Banana Bread Beer and IPAs especially. Probably my worst beer drinking experience was on a birthday in NYC when I excitedly ordered a Scottish beer that I was upset to find out tasted like feet. I actually have had this beer again since then and, while I still don't really like it, it's not quite as revolting as it was that night at a random bar in NYC.

Do you drink beer? What's your favorite??



+ Title from Toby Keith

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Serena McClain said...

We'll have to schedule a meet-up in DC at one of the bigger beer bars...OR go to that place in RVA that got voted best beer bar in the country :-)