Thursday, July 25, 2013


I watch a lot of TV shows. Scratch that- I try to watch a lot of TV shows. With DVR and the increase in quality TV, I've found my list of "I Watch That" growing and growing. In the venn diagram of my TV watching, though, the shows falling under "I Watch That" and "I DVR And Watch That Later" are much more than those that fall under "I Watch That" and "I Watch That Almost Immediately." Ya follow?

So which shows do I watch almost immediately at the moment? Let's do this in list format:
  • Pretty Little Liars- Quite possibly my favorite hour of TV each and every week. A ridiculous plotline that gets more and more convoluted each week. Who is A? Who the hell knows!? I almost (almost) don't care. I love this show for its style and its dialogue. Everyone is beautiful and the four main characters wear amazing outfits. I am continually inspired by this show where style is concerned. 
  • The Killing- I actually didn't watch season 2 for whatever reason. I think it was because so many things were on Sunday night and I just fell behind and never caught up. This season, though, is incredible and with only two episodes left, I watch this as soon as I can so I don't see any spoilers on TV and so I can discuss with Lisa at work. 
  •  Covert Affairs- I was beyond obsessed with Alias when that was on TV and this show fills part of that void in my life. Annie isn't undercover as much as Sydney was, but she kicks about as much butt. 
This list would be a lot longer if it wasn't the middle of summer. Maybe we will redo this in the fall when everything is back on air again.


+Title from The Smashing Pumpkins

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