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The Emmys aren't until the 22nd of September, but with the nominations being announced on the 18th, a lot of entertainments outlets have been making their owns guesses for who and what will be nominated. I don't watch all of the shows that are frontrunners for a nom, but I do watch many and wanted to throw my two cents out there. To change things up a little, though, I am going to list (almost) all of the shows I watch and will list who I think deserves an award, and which shows could go for Best Drama/Comedy/Miniseries/etc.

Oh, and spoiler alert for anything ahead. 

First up, Dramas!

Mad Men:
  • Best Drama- I know a lot of people didn't like this season, but I thought it was awesome. I was happy to see Don Draper cheating again, I loved the merger, and a lot of side characters really got to shine. I also happen to be a fan of seemingly slow moving shows and movies that are allowed to just marinate until the action. 
  • Best Actor in a Drama- Jon Hamm- It makes me sad that he hasn't won this yet. I really hope that if he doesn't get it this year, then he does next year after the final season. My favorite scenes with Jon Hamm this year were his with Betty and I also really loved any time his hair was messed up. Messed up hair=messed up Don. 
  • Best Drama- Sure, this season had a few questionable moments, but I still was on the edge of my seat for most of it. I also can't wait for the next season.
  • Best Actress in a Drama- Claire Danes- Duh. She is fierce in this role. 
  • Best Supporting Actor in a Drama- Mandy Patinkon- Just give him all of the awards always.  
The Americans:
  • Best Actress in a Drama- Keri Russell- I love how she is the less emotional one in the relationship. I also love how she totally kicks ass and her hair is always perfect! Gorgeous.  
Game of Thrones:
  • Best Drama- I am ob.sessed with this show. OBSESSED!
  • Best Supporting Actor in a Drama- Peter Dinklage- He has amazing lines and always delivers them like he is playing chess.
  • Best Supporting Actress in a Drama- Emilia Clarke- Daenerys is such a cool character and one that continually grows and matures and just becomes stronger and more badass each week. Plus, speaking Dothraki is super cool.
Downton Abbey:
  •  Best Drama: This show is like a cocktail. It's delicious, beautiful, and always hits the spot. I'd also like to point out that I watched it before it became uber popular;)
  • Best Actress in a Drama- Michelle Dockery- She uses her eyes in her acting more than almost anyone (see also: January Jones) and she is so so gorgeous. I was worried about the season finale for months, but now I look forward to her future story lines.
The Walking Dead:
  •  I'm not sure I'd nominate anyone/thing. I have my favorite characters (Daryl), but I'm not sure if they're Emmy worthy this year. Maybe Andrew Lincoln, but his character was so annoying that his great work after the death of his wife is easily looked over.
Bates Motel:
  •  Best Actress in a Drama- Vera Farmiga- She should be nominated just for her scary, warbly voice she uses.
  •  Best Actress in a Drama- Jennifer Carpenter- I think she is incredible and that people don't get that her annoying things are a part of her character. She commits more than so many actresses out there. She doesn't care if she doesn't always look pretty and no one says "fuck" like Deborah Morgan.
  •  Best Drama- Sometimes in ensemble shows you lose track of how you feel about certain characters, but never in Parenthood. I feel so invested in each and every person from Zeke down to Sydney. 
  • Best Supporting Actress in a Drama- Monica Potter- She made me cry multiple times this past season and I got so so so worried she wasn't going to beat her cancer. I love how she can make a viewer laugh and then cry and then laugh again. (Side note: I'd love to see Lauren Graham and her family get more screen time next season. Every single actor in that TV family is incredible. Amber and Drew make me cry almost weekly.)
  • Best Actor in a Drama- Jonny Lee Miller- A long shot, but I do love his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.
The Following:
  • I liked this show, but I probably wouldn't nominate it for anything. 
  • Best (Supporting?) Actress in a Drama: Hayden Pannetiere- Yeah, her character is annoying, but holy hell, Hayden plays her so well. I'm am impressed each and every week. AND she sings. 
Pretty Little Liars:
  • Don't hate. This show rules. It's not Emmy-worthy, though, unless they're giving an award for most influential fashion or craziest story lines.
True Blood:
  • Oh Lord, I never even finished the season. I love me some Eric and Alcide, but the vampire politics got to be SO boring. I will watch this season, though. 
  • I'd love to see Emily Van Camp get a nomination...but it's not going to be for this right now. 
The Borgias:
  • Best Actor in a Drama- Jeremy Irons- This show deserves something since it was awesome and then got CANCELED! Ugh!

So, who do you have for the Drama categories? Who did I forget? It's difficult to remember everything since so many shows are off for the summer. I didn't include shows I watch, but am not current on, like House of Lies, Breaking Bad, The Good Wife, etc.

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There's so much here that I can't even wrap my mind around commenting! Let's just say I concur with all of the shows I happen to catch in DVD-buying, friend-cable-borrowing life.