Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just A Note

Listen, since this blog started, 99.99% of my blog titles have been from song titles and I've really enjoyed integrating music into each and every post, but it has to stop. It takes too long for me to find titles that will work and sometimes they don't work and lead to confusion over what the post is about. So, from this day forward, I am not going to stress about finding song titles.

I know it sounds silly to make such a declaration, but I've never been good at quitting things. I've sort of never quit a job. My college jobs were all very collegey and it was obvious when I wouldn't be back. I technically put in my two weeks at my construction company job, but they were in the process of going under, so I probably could have just not shown up and they would have been relieved. I stayed on until the end there because I hadn't gotten paid in a few weeks and needed to stay connected. (I did end up getting paid after my dad called and threatened them.) And while I had that job? I was working one or two days a week at Barnes & Noble because I could never quit there. (This turned out to be a blessing because I've now worked there for 10 years and while for several it was very part time, it means that now I get a ton of vacation time and that is awesome.)

I like to do things with longevity. Lots of "I've never"s come out of my mouth because, in a way, they show perseverance. I'm weird, I know.

So yeah, today is a day of change for ol' SVR and I hope y'all like it! Also take a look around to the sidebars as there are a few new things...



Serena McClain said...

I'll miss the song titles (was always envious of your consistency and creativity with them), but I totally understand the need to change. Coming up with a post title is something I hate.

Miss Scarlet said...

I think I'll still do them for the random posts, but it's too difficult when talking about shows and books and stuff