Monday, September 23, 2013

Emmy Fashion

Much of the fun of awards shows is the fashion. I had to work last night and missed the pre-show so I'm catching up now!

The Florals:
Julianna Marguiles. I'm not a big fan of florals on dresses (unless an allover print), but because the dress is in black and white, with the flowers matching her hair, I like it. And the fit is a dream.

The Wrong Fabric:

Connie Briton. I love the top of this dress (and even the bottom), but the in between? Not so much. I really don't like the fabric used.

The Perfect Bow:

Zooey Deschanel. I actually really like this! I think the bow is exquisite, the fit is perfect, and the color looks great with her hair! 

The Right Color/Wrong Makeup:

Sarah Hyland. There is something I really love about this dress and I think it's the color. I'm not thrilled with the neckline and the dress combined with her dark makeup just doesn't do it for me. I would have liked it with less severe makeup.

The Asymmetry:

Anna Gunn. Perfect! I love this! I kind of like the runway look more (with the belt/sash), but I think this looks perfect for the occasion.

Black and White Favorite:
Elisabeth Moss. I love everything about this: the dress, the bag, the jewelry, the hair, the makeup, the actress. She rules. I wish she had won!

The Autumn Winner:

Michelle Dockery. Oh she is so lovely. I love that this is in autumnal colors and I feel like the whole look (with her hair) is so different and fresh. I want to wear this every day.

The WTF:

Zosia Mamet: Ugh. This is so bad.

The Charlize Lookalike:

January Jones. Doesn't she look a little like Charlize Theron? Maybe you need to see the other pics (Go look!). I love her. This isn't my favorite dress (mostly bc of the bottom part), but her hair is awesome and I kind of really like the blush color.

The Princess:
Kerry Washington. I LOVE the wrap around part at her torso. Love love love. And I think the dress photographs better than it looks in video because I did NOT like this on the show. I think this would've been kick ass in black. In white it's too princessy.

The Plunging Neckline:

Claire Danes. I like the bottom, but the top must go. It just feels awkward. And the lack of color along with her shorter hair doesn't do it for me. Thank goodness she wore red lipstick!

The Shiny Hair Award:

Julia Louis-Dryfus. With so little color at the Emmys, it was nice to see a brunette in a silvery dress finally. Her hair was so shiny that it seemed magical. I thought she looked great!

The "Didn't Jennifer Garner Wear This To The Oscars Last Year?":
Linda Cardellini. Love the color. Am okay with the folds. Dislike the hair 80% of the time.

The What:

Lena Dunham. Fire the person who let you wear this. Fire the person obviously hiding in the skirt. This is so wrong.

The Wowza!:

Christina Hendricks. This is amazing! The best she has ever looked! I love the dress! I love the hair! I love everything about it!!!!!!

And you!? What are YOUR thoughts?


P.S. All image links from Tom and Lorenzo.

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