Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Television Man

I have this theory about television watching with significant others and it's simple: some shows are better watched with a loved one. Maybe this theory only applies to me, but sometimes I hear about people binge watching a show and I just can't do the same. I need interaction while I watch tv! It's why I'm usually on twitter at the same time and why it takes me forever to catch up on those shows that require full attention.

(And because I love lists...)

  • Breaking Bad- I actually watched the first season live, but fell way, way behind. I just restarted it and awhile episode one is awesome, I just couldn't go on with another episode tonight. It's a downer. It's about a man with terminal cancer who is making meth! I would much rather start the series along with someone and be able to make comments as we go. Like, "he lost his pants!" and "I wonder
  • Game of Thrones- I actually am up to date with this one, but back when I was trying to binge watch Seasons 1 and 2, I always lamented not having someone watching with me. Partly to keep all of the names and story lines straight, and also because that show is HOTT!
  • The Sopranos- I'm only a few seasons in, but how depressing is it to watch a show many years after it airs and then have no one to talk to about it? Sure, a lot of people have seen the entire series, but they're not going to remember every detail from each show. I love to discuss the little things!
And yeah, one could argue that it doesn't have to be a significant other for tv watching, but how often am I going to be able to watch the same show with just a friend? I mean, I have cool friends, but I'm not going to want to sprawl out on couch and watch hours upon hours of a show with them. (Sorry, y'all.)

What do you think? Valid theory? And, more importantly, anyone wanna be my tv watching buddy?


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