Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Spy

I spent most of today having an amazing time with old and new friends filming the sequel to a movie a few of us made a many years ago, Readers Advantage. I'll wait while you watch:

Done? Did you love it? What happened to Laura, aka Scarlet? Is Kurt dead?? Did the poisoned books get shelved!? I know that many of you have been wondering for the past eight years what happened in this complex story of espionage. But, lucky for you, the sequel has been filmed and once the editing process is completed, I will let you know here and on twitter about the film's premiere.

Check out my Instagram for a few shots from today's shoot. We had such a fun time and really upped our game on this one. We had real props, increased our cast size, and were even on boat at one point! Awesome Sauce!


+ Title from Pulp

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Serena McClain said...

Must get on Jim's schedule for editing!