Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sleeping With The Television On

Remember when we were younger and the summer months were filled with reruns and terrible Saturday afternoon movies? I remember the year 90210 had a summer season, which pretty much made my life at the time. Dylan McKay during the summer? Yes, please. It was such a treat to get home after being at the pool all day and have one of my favorite shows on. During my childhood and even throughout college, it was always such a treat for fall because along with the beautiful cooling of the air, it also meant that new tv shows would soon be on!
But television, like all things, has evolved into a formula where programs premiere throughout the year and there is almost always new material on. This summer I've enjoyed  Pretty Little Liars and Under the Dome and just last night I finished up Dexter, which had its series finale just the other night. I'd like to say that I have three new shows to fill the voids left by my summer shows, but that's just not true. I don't have three new shows to watch, I have about a million.

Tonight I watched the first episode of a couple of new programs and will definitely be coming back to them!

Blacklist: Staring James Spader as a fugitive who surrenders to the FBI, but will only work with one agent, Elizabeth, played by Megan Boone. The premiere was really good and I'm excited for where the season will lead. I love shows that take place in DC and it looks like there might be an espionage element, too, which is my favorite storyline of any show.

Mom: I love Anna Faris! In this show she plays a recovering alcoholic who is trying to get her life back into order, but is dealing with her mother (also a recovering alcoholic), her teenage daughter (quickly following the same path), her young son (adorable), her ex (a hilarious 'loser'), and her married boss she's sleeping with. Allison Janney plays her mom and the dynamic between the two is just great. The show isn't my favorite when it's the "pause for laughter" moments, but my love for Anna Faris cancels that out.

So, watch Blacklist if you're a fan of Covert Affairs or Silence of the Lambs and check out Mom if you watch What's Your Number every time it's on tv just like I do.


+  Title from Billy Joel

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Unknown said...

I think I need to give Blacklist a try. Is it bad I'm already behind on all the premieres I wanted to watch?