Sunday, June 18, 2006


So I want to put a movie on and unwind from my day (weekend) in order to eventually fall asleep. What to put on should be an easy decision, right? WRONG!

I can't put on anything scary: Donnie Darko (damn Rabbit!), Rosemary's Baby, Land of the Dead, etc.

Nothing that requires me to pay a lot of attention:
Snatch, 12 Monkeys, Life Aquatic (not that it's confusing but because it's one of those "finer details" movies), etc.

I don't want to put a TV show on because then I'm afraid I'll be up for the entire disc: Friends, My So-Called Life (not to mention the flashbacks to "I Love Jordan Catalano!"*), Alias, etc.

No movies I still haven't watched because 1) I'd have to pay attention and 2) It could be scary!: Gigli (yes, I own this. I bought it for $5 to see how bad it is and still haven't watched it), Wasabi (subtitles, way too much attention required), Tigerland, etc.

Nothing that is depressing or has a sad ending:
Edward Scissorhands, Romeo and Juliet, The English Patient, etc.

Nothing that requires the remote in order to start the movie (battery is dead;): Dirty Dancing is the only one so far that won't start just by pushing *play* on the actual DVD player.

So that usually leaves me considering the following:

Center Stage
Cruel Intentions
Freaky Friday
Cinderella Story
the Bourne movies
Legally Blonde (but every time I forget I can't find the disc)
Oceans 11/12

Yeah, but do I really want to watch movies with the following? Well, the answer is "YES!" but then I'm like, "Bust."
Cooper Nielson
Ryan Phillipe
Chad Michael Murray (althogh he's ugly in Freaky Friday)
Chad Michael Murray (hott in CS)
Matt Damon spy
Luke Wilson
BRAD FUCKING PITT (ummmm, slight obsession and pardon the profanity)

So like 30 minutes later, what do I have on?

Gilmore Girls.

It's going to get to the point of me needing an intervention. Someone is going to have to come and take away my GG DVDs.**

OH, and I forgot to mention that 9 times out of 10, after I finally decide on a movie to put on, I either end up turning it off five minutes later or reading with it just in the background. It's like I don't learn;)

*flashback? Sure, right. Flashback. Not present.
**Just kidding! Don't really do that. I'm fine. I have no problem. None.


Cheryl said...

This is exactly what I go through when I decide to watch a movie. Oh, and Gigli probably is scary. It sure looked scary to me.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Those times, I put on something I know by heart, but isnä't necessarily a 'good movie', ergo nothing I want to watch the ending off...

Aparna said...

gilmore girls is the shit. especially that town oddball, kirk or kurt or whatever his name is...

Dara said...

I generally wind up watching my GG DVDs too.

Last week, I actually flipped through the digital cable channels that I pay for and never use, and wound up finding the Bourne Supremacy. I had forgotten how much I liked it.

lala said...

my friend's aunt was working production on the sequel to bruce almighty. friend went to charlottesville this past weekend and attended the cast party. why do you care? because friend had beers with lauren graham.

Miss Scarlet said...

Cheryl- Yeah everytime I pick up Gigli to put on I can't. I love Ben Affleck but J Lo sucks.

Heart- Oh yeah, me too. That list of movies I know by heart. I've seen Cruel Intentions SO many times.

Aparna- Kirk. He's insane! I love that show.

Dara- Yay for GG fans! The Bourne movies are so good, I love them.

Lala- SHUT UP!!!!!!! I saw awhile ago she was in DC. OMG! She's awesome.

Serena said...

I had a comment, but now I'm just jealous of Lala's friend.