Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Fear

Ali and I went to Kings Dominion's Haunt yesterday and had such a blast. Not only was it chilly out (!!!), but everything was decorated for Halloween and, once the sun went down, the entire place transformed into a haunted park. We had been a few years ago, so we knew what to expect, but this time we had a few other scares that weren't on the agenda:

+ While waiting in line for the insane asylum maze, three of the most obnoxious 14 years were in front of us in line. No wait, they were in front of the 16 year old guys who were directly in front of us. The girls were skanky and annoying and, upon beginning the maze, began screaming like the lame girls they are and grabbing onto the guys. We wanted to kill them. They wouldn't begin the maze. They just stood there, screaming. Ali was so annoyed she yelled at them.

+The park was filled with white trash. I thought it would be worse when 90 degrees in August and girls feel it's appropriate to walk around half naked, but no, it might be worse when two out of three people are wearing either a camo/hunting jacket or a college sweatshirt of somewhere it's highly debatable they went. People's fall fashion choices left much to be desired.

+The Drop Zone was closed for the beginning part of the day, but we happened to be walking by right when they were opening it. This is good and bad luck at the same time. Good because the wait is super short, but bad because you're aware that it has not been running all day and you can't help but wonder why. And then they say, "Enjoy the 300 drop at 72 mph!" and you kind of get a little scared and wonder how it will feel to plunge to your death. We also made the mistake of looking up as the seats rose, which I do NOT recommend. Ali was crazier than I was, though, and seemed to not be able to stop looking, despite the added fear it added. We lived, though. (duh)

+While on The Grizzly (Ali's favorite), waiting to go up the first hill, my lapbar released a notch. If you are anything like me, you test your own lapbar and seatbelt before the ride takes off and try to get it as tight as possible. So when your lapbar is suddenly loser, it's terrifying. I was also scared to test it further for fear it would come all the way off and I would just have to hold on for dear life the entire ride. It's tough to hold on, though, when (I am guessing) the cold weather causes the ride to go even faster than normal. What is also terrifying is when halfway through the ride your younger sister yells, "MY LAPBAR RELEASED, TOO!" My eyes were squeezed shut and I just screamed the rest of the ride. Yes, I was thatgirl. It's also very scary for it to be pitch black dark because even during such a short ride, your other senses heighten a little and you're aware of the creaks from the wood that is the only thing keeping you from plunging into a tree or the ground. I thought for a moment that I had overreacted in my fear as we slowly pulled back into the station once the ride was over, but I knew this was not the case when Ali did not ask to ride The Grizzly immediately again.

+Not really scary, but more funny was when a girl who was probably 14 grabbed Ali's hand because she was so scared in one of the mazes and wouldn't let go until it was over. Priceless.



Serena said...

Oh that actually sounds like fun! I'm caught between cracking up at Ali yelling at the girls or trying to remember if I've ever been to an amusement park after dark.

GreenCanary said...

I did the Walls of Terror at Eastern State Penitentiary one year... Some of it was silly, but there were parts that were absolutely terrifying. I ended up grabbing onto these poor 15 year-old boys that were in front of us, pushing them through the prison at breakneck speed. I almost killed them, but I figured it was better them than me :)