Monday, October 06, 2008


With Halloween quickly approaching I have had two things on my mind*: Halloween costumes and scary movies. While I have my two Halloween costumes set (one for work, one for night), I have not settled on my ultimate scary movie list. The thing is, when I was younger, I could watch anything and nothing phased me. Now that I'm older, I'm a wuss! Being scared out of mind is not going to stop me, though. I'm on the quest to see the best**.

Now my favorite scary movie, as well as an all-time top 10, is Rosemary's Baby. Have you seen it? You must!!! I saw it for the first time in college at a Film Club meeting and instantly fell in love.

I think there's also something to be said about Scream, which I saw in the theatre with my feet up in my chair. It's the classic fear or not knowing who is behind the mask. I love it.

The Ring. I had a conversation with someone at work today about we think some people just don't see it in the same way. When he saw it he was scared shitless. When I saw it, with my sister, I watched it through a slit in my hands. I was terrified.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original and new). The original is almost funny, but is a must for a horror film list. The amount of blood is insane. The newer one, with Jessica Biel, is actually a good remake, in my opinion. It scared me! They went away from the cult-ness of the original, but replaced that with terror.

28 Days Later had me pretty freaked out and I feel like it's a really well-made movie. I still haven't seen 28 Weeks Later, but I hear it's really good.

In the same grouping, I love love love zombie movies. I love how they get you, but they're so damn slow! Ali and I both agree that the new Dawn Of The Dead is hella good.

A few movies I would like to see again since it's been awhile are: Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, etc. I also want to see some of the newer thrasher/scary movies like Saw and Hostel.

So please please please, what are your scary movie recommendations???


*But not only these two things. How weird would that be?
**And be a poet apparently...see?


Courtney said...

Last House on the Left is the freakiest movie ever. Also you might like High Tension.

NotLexi said...

"28 Weeks Later" is totally worth seeing.
"Mirrors" is wicked scary, I'm not sure if it'll be out on DVD yet.
"30 Days of Night", "Diary of the Dead", "The Ruins" and Rob Zombie's "Halloween" are all pretty recent and good.
"From Dusk 'til Dawn", "Cabin Fever", "House of 1000 Corpses" are less recent and awesome.
Of the "thrasher" style films (torture porn, I think is the technical term) the first "Hostel" is awesome, the second is so-so, "Saw"'s I,III, and IV are cool, and V is coming in theaters, I can do without II.

I can almost not be controlled when someone asks about horror movies...sorry.

Anna said...

No real suggestions here, I think I'm happier when I avoid this genre. For months after I saw The Ring I didn't want to sleep in a room with a screen of any kind (TV, computer, etc) - that movie freaked me out. I agree with you on Rosemary's Baby, though. It is great (and scary!).

Randi said...

Hellraiser, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Amityville Horror, Creepshow, Poltergiest... I've run out of films... I watch a scary one every Halloween... I think this year I may break down and watch Saw! Last year I saw The Amityville Horror (remake), and didn't sleep for a week.

Serena said...

Ditto Anna. You already know what terrified me as a child. However, you also know that Rosemary's Baby is on my list to see.

Miss Scarlet said...

thanks for the suggestions. I'm excited!

Terra Chandler said...

Yeah, see...I grew up with Nightmare on Elm Street. Loved it!!...anything Freddie actually. The older movies are the best. The newer ones? The movies that are slightly more realistic? Nope. Can't do 'em. In fact, in my hard headedness, I blatantly refuse.

I do love all of the reality tv ghost stories around Halloween, though. :)

rooroo said...

I love horror movies!! I agree with High Tension, The Amityville Horror (either one but the old one is scarier), The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Scream, 28 Days Later, The Ring and Saw I. Rosemary's Baby is also excellent.

Jaws, Constantine and Shawn of the Dead are not technically horror movies, but appropriate for Halloween viewing.

I will also add Psycho, The Omen, Misery, the Grindhouse movies, The Shining (how could you leave this one out!?), The Blair Witch Project (I know it's kind of a cliche now but it was SO scary the first time I watched it), The Exorcist, Event Horizon (kind of a nothing space slasher but I couldn't sleep for a week after I saw it back in the day), Carrie, Vacancy, and The Orphanage (not really horror either, but and excellent, scary ghost story). I also haven't seen The Happening but I think it looks good, and Funny Games is supposed to be very, very scary and I may have it on during my Halloween party.

Apparently, I am so excited about this topic, I brought out the capital letters, which I hardly ever do. I may revisit this after thinking on it. :)

rooroo said...

also, they were on tv this weekend--the "final destination" movies. my exroomie/cousin hates horror movies but even she got a laugh out of these cheesy, bloody, inventive movies. i think it was in the third one where a guy got his head smooshed by the wieghts he was lifting via a samurai sword... just priceless.