Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weather Report

I rarely have bad days and, when I do, it's usually because I'm really tired or it's too hot. Today was sort of a bad day. It made my angry.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love cold weather. 40 degrees is about ideal for me and that's only because I know if I wish for it to be colder then I'd never see my friends again, but honestly, I LOVE IT TO BE COLD! One of my pet peeves is when people say they love the summer, but then never spend any time in the heat. I hate the summer (but love the beach, go figure) so it's okay that I create false environments of cold with AC. If I could hibernate and just sleep all summer, I would so do that. What bothers me even more is when the heat is overused in the fall and winter. Personally, I love scarves and sweaters. It's so comfortable to bundle up and create warmth from your clothes. Why must we crank up the heat when it's expensive and bad for you!? It baffles me.

Okay okay, maybe you're wondering why I brought this up since it was like 83 degrees today (*shudder*). It was so warm at work today that I spent part of it just standing there, fanning myself. I declared that I would not work under those conditions. (Yes, I was being a bit melodramatic, but I don't work in a place where sweating should ever happen.) It worries me that this trend of having the heat on (and granted, I think it's a mistake it's on now, but I was also angry no one knew how to fix it) will continue as the temperatures drop. When I get dressed in the morning and it's my beloved 40 degrees, I wear sweaters and warm layers. When I get to work it's ridiculous to then have to shed those clothes to be comfortable in a too-warm environment. And you sickly people? Going from extreme temp to extreme temp is going to make you sick.

People probably got annoyed with my today since I complained so much, but it's like having a pebble in your shoe-it's not going to feel better until it's gone and I am not going to be in a better mood until it's not ass-hot at work. It's the 15th of October. It's fall. I want the effing cold weather...NOW! I can't even enjoy the gorgeous changing leaves. GRR!


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Serena said...

She really was angry. I promise. It came through over text.

I hear ya, chica. I love me some fall. I don't share your hatred for summer, but fall is my favorite (and I'd like to experience a Vermont winter).

GreenCanary said...

Girl! I share your hatred of summer. My pale skin and inability to cool off makes me a Helluva Pain in the BEEP! during the summer months. Also, I keep a fan on my desk throughout the entire year. Air must be blowing on me at all times. If I were super rich, I'd hire someone to follow me around with a fan.

Johnny DC said...

Its much better to rub our nayked bodies up and down against each other under a thick comforter than in 100 degree heat!


mijoy said...

I love the cold too, red. Perhaps it was because I was conceived on your birthday? ;-)