Monday, October 27, 2008

House A Home a list? Yes.

+ Friday night I went to a happy hour with Ali and Nathaniel, which was fun. I got proposed to by some random guy. I wasn't even drunk (I swear!). Ali and I kept saying to Nathaniel, "See! See what it's like to be a girl!?" It was fun.

+Saturday I worked and then had to decide what to do. I hate decision time because what I want to do is go home, relax, change, and then see what is going on. But my living location does not allow for that unfortunately. I ended up going to my college homecoming, which turned out to be a lot of fun.

+Yesterday I worked late because we had inventory, but I worked with my Brosephs so it was a good time. We acted like we were 12 and made up funny names like Jack Doff.

+Today I went with my sister to the doctor where she emerged with a wrist brace and instruction to also wrap up her ankle. Poor thing...I told her she looked like she got in a fight ("but you should see the other guy").

+After the doctor we got lunchtime margaritas and fajitas at El Agave in Warrenton.



Serena said...

One day I, too, will get to try El Agave. One day.

Johnny DC said...