Saturday, December 09, 2017

Book Boos: May 2017

I'm months behind on these because they actually take awhile to write with the photos and links...but I still want to share what I'm reading! format for busy months will be sans photos!

4. THE RIVER AT NIGHT by Erica Ferencik. (Audio). I was excited about this thriller about a group of women who go on a rafting trip down a river. Not to be too spoilery, but I liked the first part (while they were actually rafting) more than the second part.

3. STOLEN SONGBIRD by Danielle Jensen. (Audio). This book was surprisingly addicting! I really liked the main characters and was intrigued by the premise.

2. NORSE MYTHOLOGY by Neil Gaiman. (Audio and Print). I mean, duh.  Ever since my AncestryDNA came back with a percentage of Scandinavian in there, I've been even more obsessed with Vikings and Norse mythology. The audio of this is great because it's Neil Gaiman reading it himself. This is the type of book I think I'll go back to every once and awhile.

1. A COURT OF WINGS AND RUIN by Sarah J. Maas. You guys, I asked off work to read this one. I worked until midnight at the bookstore, putting the new titles out, then came home with my copy and woke up early that Tuesday and literally read all day. I wanted to avoid all spoilers and with a book this popular, reading it ASAP was the only way. ANYWAY....I loved it, obviously. ACOMAF is my favorite book and I didn't expect to have the same emotional connection to it so I went in expecting awesome action, which is exactly what I got! Sarah J. Maas always does a good job of surprising me with where she takes some of her plots. Again, without getting spoilery, I was pleasantly surprised that the first location in ACOWAR was pretty brief. I just love these characters and world so so much.

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