Sunday, November 18, 2007


Top 7.5 Things I Want To Ask For From Sandy Claws, But Won't:
7.5. Kego...
7. Tiffany everything
6. Tinted Windows
5. Puppy
4. XBox
3. The Entire JCrew Catalogue
2. Spinning Dubs For My Car
1. Canon XTi

Top 7.5 Things I Want To Try In Sushi:
7.5. Th...
7. Egg
6. Dragon Sauce
5. Tator Tot
4. French Fry
3. Noodles
2. Brownie
1. Pizza


Anonymous said...

Is 7.5 a kegorator (sp)? because my friend Kara is totally making her husband buy her one of those for christmas!!! i can't wait!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

You should throw some gummy bears in on that sushi list... ha ha.

But, I got two words for you if and when whe hit up the buffet at Fair Oaks: Volcano Roll.

kristabella said...

Yuck! The brownie in the sushi made me throw up in my mouth a little.

minijonb said...

if you get the spinning dubs on your car, you'll just be too damn cool for me to hang with you anymore. i can't keep up.


veeda said...

I hope santa brings you a puppy this year.

Ant said...

A puppy in a (x)box with tinted windows...


Miss Scarlet said...

Cindy- Haha, yes!

Randi- We are SO there. soon, please.

Kristabella- They're going to be good!

Minijonb- Man, I want those. We can still roll, though.

Veeda- Me, too. And a dogwalker.

Ant- Need my address?;)

Cheryl said...

Oh, ask for the Tiffany stuff. Ever girl needs sparkly, shiny, pretty things.