Friday, November 02, 2007


When I first moved back from Richmond about four years ago, I changed banks to make it more convenient. This was the last time I ordered checks! I have had the same checks for four years. It's not so weird, really, since I only write, on average, two a month. The time has come, though, to order a new set and I am faced with the question of what to order. For the past four years I have been sending off adorable Peanuts character checks off to Navy Federal Credit Union monthly and, while I know they must enjoy them, it's time for a change. But what do I choose this time!? I refuse to get something boring, but have also not seen the designs I really wish they had:

  • Insects
  • Russian Composers
  • Gilmore Girls (jk. Who would take my money seriously??)
  • Scotland
  • Me


Kristabella said...

Do they really make GG checks? That would be AWESOME!

Ant said...

Don't use checks! They are absolute gold-dust for identity fraudsters - what happens is that all your details are held on an easily forgeable document, which will get stamped with things like your social security number when it goes out of your control. Then all they have to do is trawl your blogs/facebook profiles/etc for mother's maiden name, pet's name, whatever and they can royally rip you off...

Haven't touched the evil paper things for nearly a decade now...