Thursday, November 22, 2007

Those Memories

Things I Will Remember From This Year's Thanksgiving*:

  • Grass stains on my jeans
  • Salsa
  • "I'm 1/3 Chickasaw!"
  • Touch Football in the dark
  • Ye Olde Photo Booth
  • "Indian Land: Do Not Trespass!"
  • Hookah
  • Ye Olde Forbidden Party Fouls
  • Fog machine
  • Middle of the night texts for help
  • Two hashbrowns!
  • "Turkey dinner" "Turkey dinner" "Turkey dinner" "Turkey dinner" "Linguine Tuscadora, Thank you!"
  • Serena tricking me with sour cream. The trust is gone;)
  • Wii
  • "These pants have no give!"

What I Am Thankful For This Year:

  • You
  • You
  • You
  • You
  • You
  • You...and
  • You!
  • Oh, and that.


*Note: The first few are from the party we had the night before.


Ant said...

Grass stains on your jeans...


Very thankful are we? :-)

As I've said on another American blogs, we apparently don't have anyone to thank so don't celebrate this. *sigh*

Cheryl said...

Sounds like it was quite the Thanksgiving!

Miss Scarlet said...

Ant- From wresting:)

Cheryl- It was great!

Anonymous said...

I could go for some more Hooka right now!

Serena said...

Sorry, boo. Would you rather I not tell you at all next time? At least I know I'm a 'you' ;-)