Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Keep On Singin' My Song

Every time I go to an open mic I imagine in my head that somehow I will get mad guitar and singing skills and will step on stage and wow the crowd. That has yet to happen, by the way. It's like my daydream of taking over for some famous techno DJ and wowing the crowd with my spinning. I did threaten last night that I would be bringing my bassoon one week. It's a funny thought on many levels: 1) DORK, 2) "What the hell is she playing?, 3) It's too tall for stage, etc.

Anyway, last night's open mic, dubbed each and every week as "The Greatest Open Mic Of All Time" was pretty good. It was a little disconcerting and hilarious when we first walked in and saw about 20 middle-aged people all crowded around one of the TVs. Turns out Chap, who ran for the State Senate, was having a private party or something at The Firehouse Tap Grill and his friends, family, and supporters were freaking out whenever the results were shown. They did eventually move to the bar area so the open mix could start, but they continued to be loud.

Not as many people played as the last time I went, but I definitely recognized some faces and songs. I got some pictures, which I'll have to post later, but I wish I could describe the two middle-aged guys who got up and sang David Bowie and Eurythmic songs. It was bad-ass in a tambourine kind of way*. Brendan went second to last and was quite successful in his oddly tuned endeavor. All instrumental, it reminded me a little of Mogwai** + Explosions In The Sky** + a sitar. In fact, the tambourine man who sang "Sweet Dreams" was next to me and I thought he was going to go kiss him he liked it so much.

Thinking the night was over, I was gathering my things to leave when we got the surprise of the night..."Senator Elect....CHAP!" Dude! Chap was there and got up and sang a little ACDC. I got pictures and you better believe I'll be using those as blackmail. Uhhh, kidding.


*That's good, by the way.
**Acoustic, though, of course.


Kristabella said...

Did you vote for the ACDC guy?

Miss Scarlet said...

No, he's not in my district.

CBK said...

What about your fantasy of the conductor collapsing, and you take the baton and wow the crowd with your conducting skills (much to the Concertmaster's relief)? You still have that one, too, don't you?

Miss Scarlet said...

CBK- Yes, I still have that fantasy!

Ali said...

did you see chap's asian wife? he's got some cute half-asian babies.

Miss Scarlet said...

Ali- I didnt realize at the time who she was, but yes, there was an Asian woman dancing while he sang. She was very excited! I looked up his site later and realized who it had been.

Courtney said...

awh I miss playing open mics! oh and cute half-asian babies....I'll be having some of them sometime! yes!