Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I voted!

I even let the people out front try to sway my vote, which was pretty amusing. I think 99% of people vote for the party they affiliate themselves with so it always seems so uncomfortable to see them out front. I would be a terrible campaigner. I would see someone talking to the Democratic person and then not want to bother them with the Republican literature. I don't like to approach people when I seem like I have a mission (unless I'm in a bar...).

Anyway, I voted and I hope you did, too!


Kristabella said...

It wasn't election day in Chicago. We had our big local one in March. And our representatives, senators, etc. were all up last November.

My poli sci teacher in college said it is always better to vote the party and NOT the person. Because a party can make a difference. One person cannot.

And in the case of our current government? Neither is true.

Cheryl said...

I would have if I could have...I like voting :)

spencer said...

Of course I voted - when I run for President they'll hold it against me if I don't.

Randi said...

Oops! I was too busy watching TV.

Ant said...

I lost interest in voting when Tony left - Gordon just isn't as hott.

(Did I type that out loud?)