Monday, November 26, 2007

For What Reason

I know it's terrible that Sean Taylor was shot and I really hope he recovers, but they just cut into Alicia Keys singing "No One" on the Tyra Banks show to give an update. You mean a running feed on the bottom wouldn't work? Waiting until an actual news show wasn't an option? I'm all about keeping us informed, but a girl needs her "No One"!


***Update*** Holy cow I can't believe he died. Craziness.


Anonymous said...

Girl at least they cut into it towards the end. They came out with the breaking news right after Tyra stopped talking about Alicia's hair. I was so mad, it never came back on either

Cheryl said...

hmmm, that would be frustrating. And as sad as it is, and now it's even worse that he died, it's not like he's a world leader or impactful person. Media...

Serena said...

I guess I haven't been following this enough.