Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fashion Intel: Game of Thrones 1.1

Game of Thrones is a show known for its attention to all details. It's a huge endeavor each and every episode to bring to the screen such large and intricate sets to portray George R. R. Martin's story and the costumes are a big part of that. Since episode one, which you will see below, they have excelled in the wardrobe department. I am so excited to dig into this show and to share which costumes I've enjoyed the most. It's a little different when analyzing a show that doesn't take place in modern day because (as much as I'd be into it) they aren't the type of outfits you or I will be wearing in our regular lives. But even in fantasy shows we can find fashion inspiration.

Robb, Jon Snow, and Bran in one of the earliest shots in the show. They all look so young! Remember, they're supposed to be pretty young (Robb and Jon at 17, and Bran is about 10) and with no wars occurring at this point in the series, they're clothing is mostly about warmth since they live in Winterfell, which is a northern area. What I love about these outfits is the kilt inspiration. There is no use of tartan, but the idea is still there yet combined with leather vests and shirts.

Eddard Stark and Catelyn, the Lord and Lady of Winterfell. While Catelyn is pretty basic in this shot- just wearing a pretty basic long blue coat, Ned is totally rocking a huge leather coat with fur collar. He is pretty much wearing an animal as a scarf here. PETA of yore would have a fit.
This shot has little to do with fashion, but it's beautiful so I wanted to include it.
Another gorgeous shot! Ned has set his scarf free and looks much more svelte in just his leather ensemble. These all leather outfits seem like the casual version of chainmail. We also get a better look at Catelyn who is wearing a fairly matronly blue dress and coat. This would be the mom jeans version of a dress in Game of Thrones- comfortable, not too form-fitting, and not something you'd see someone younger wearing. 

I appreciate the detail on Catelyn's coat (cloak?). And her hair is very pretty here. I like the Game of Thrones style of super long hair. This is the moment in the show when the King and Queen have arrived so everyone is dressed to the nines to receive them. Sansa (on the left) is super into the whole ordeal so it surprises me that she would show up with kind of frizzy hair and a light blue dress. Girl, you look better in dark colors, but I guess you won't realize until season five. But when you see the camera pan across the Starks, you notice how...drab they all look. The House Stark symbol is a grey direwolf, but if that's what they're going for, they did it in the most boring way ever. While their looks stand out, their clothes all seem to be more about function than fashion. They're far enough away from Kings Landing to not be influenced fashion-wise. In this lineup, even Sansa's boring dress stands out.
And there is Joffrey. Regal as f***. From head to toe he looks like a prince: burgundy cloak, burgundy leather, and a fur something or other that probably doesn't still have the head on it.
Ummm, so I'd wear this now. This outfit is kind of everything. A tailored red dress and a richly embroidered coat set her apart as the Queen of the land and are also symbolic of her being a Lannister with the use of red and the lion mane-like fur collar. Later in the show she often wears her hair down, but this seems to be her more regal style for their arrival.
Cutting across houses and lands to Daenerys Targaryen who, in her first scenes on screen is wearing a very loose dress in a pale pink color. Surprisingly her creepy brother doesn't make her wear something more form-fitting, but I guess he just checks things out with his hands whenever he wants to -EW! Dany looks very young and innocent in this toga-like dress.
Not sure why Dany chose this dress to meet her future husband. It looks like the lining of another dress, but I guess it's serving it's purpose because it certainly doesn't leave much to Drogo's imagination. I do like the addition of the dragon pins, though.  Also, her brother is a punk and his outfit and hair just make him look more obnoxious.
Khal Drogo is hot.
HOT. A man who can wear eyeshadow. Also love his paint on his body that looks so great against the sea in the background.
I love this shot because it really shows the differences between Dany and Drogo. She is the virginal, young girl on her perfect white horse while Drogo is a savage warrior on a dark horse with a long braid signifying how long it has been since he has lost a fight. I do like her dress here, though. It's a lot more stylish and fitted, probably to signify her new stage of life as a Khaleesi. And huge props for being staged above her brother in this shot. He sucks. He thinks he is in control, yet has no idea! It also must be noted that her white horse  has an epic mane. 

Just a note. While watching, I'm taking note of the fashion that speaks to ME. The screenshots that make me stop and say "wow!" so, I won't be including everything in these posts. A lot of costume choices are very on purpose and, while I'll touch on what I think is the intention, I won't be including every example of such sartorial choices.

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