Sunday, July 05, 2015

True Detective 3.3

"Maybe Tomorrow"

It's okay and all, but still no idea what is going on. I get that Colin Farrell is playing both (three?) sides. I get that Vince Vaughn is freaking out and now going back to his old ways to make back the money Caspere died with. I think I get that Rachel McAdams is our most straight-laced investigator so far. Well, her and Taylor Kitsch, I guess.

Otherwise, here's what happened tonight:

So, Colin F is not dead. Which is good, because I like him. Rachel McAdams shows up to the scene and is pissed he didn't call her to enter with him. While Colin goes off to meet with the Vinci people and get cleared to work, Rachel and Taylor do some investigating on their own and learn that a lot of Caspere calls had come from the Vinci mayor's house. The mayor's house turns out to be party central and we get to meet his hot, young Russian (?) wife and weird son. Rachel does see some land surveying info before they're told to leave because they don't have a warrant. They also open Caspere's safe deposit box where there's more land info as well as blue diamonds.

So, I guess meanwhile, Colin meets up with Vince Vaughn and pretty much accuses him of setting him up at the house because who else knew about it?? Then he meets up with the Vinci people who are pretty pissed that Rachel and the others know about the Caspere house and that they were at the mayor's house asking questions. The mayor is especially pissed at Rachel. Colin tries to get taken off the case, but they're all "Yeah, right, bro." Basically everyone is angry with Colin. He's not even drinking to take the edge off at the moment, which keeps him angry. Lots of anger! The Vinci people tell Colin to lead Rachel towards something else.

Colin and Rachel later visit a film set because they had a lead on the car that Caspere was found in (I think.) The film set visit basically just confirms how deep all of the money stuff goes as well as the hooker parties. Taylor kind of takes over here (or is off on his own, I'm not certain) to ask around that part of town and at the seedy club to see if people had seen Caspere there, which they had. He also has an awkward moment with an old war buddy (?) and it seems like they had something happen between them, but Taylor freaks out when the friend brings it up.

Rachel and Colin stop by his house (is this her leading him on? him leading her astray? or just them making a pit stop) and in the biggest case of bad timing, his ex wife shows up offering him $10k to just GO. She tells him the state was by earlier asking her questions about money and revenge and stuff and warns Colin that it's a matter if when, not if they'll investigate more. He refuses the money (nice moment between them) and he and Rachel go off to question the driver of the film set car who had quit recently. While there and asking questions, someone torches their car and runs off while wearing a Scream-style mask. They chase him, Colin slowly because of his hurt ribs, and Rachel much faster, but the masked man gets away when Colin has to save Rachel from getting hit by a huge truck. Whoa! As a thanks, he asks her what the state has on him, but she says she doesn't know.

Vince Vaughn, while all of this is going on, is basically visiting past business/crime connections and demanding money and/or information on Caspere and his dealings. He seems very on the edge and on edge. He seems so close to spiraling out of control, but he's staying strong so far and he beats the crap out of one guy and it makes me wonder what his background is. He's also got some trouble at home and based on the long camera hold on his woman at the end of the episode, I'm convinced she killed Caspere;)

Oh, and Stan is dead, but I don't remember who that is.

(I'm terrible at recapping this show, but I don't care.)

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