Wednesday, July 01, 2015

VA WImbledon Day Three

Day three has been really good...and I suspect it's because I didn't work. It makes all the difference!

I got to watch tennis ALL DAY, which was so amazing and a good preview of my vacation next week.

Breakfast was tea and scones, of course, which I didn't document with photos since I've already taken care of that.

Lunch was fun because I had picked up a can of potatoe and leek soup from Wegman's the other day. The can says "Made in England"-legit!

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In the early afternoon I took care of my postings and then headed to a nearby village to hit the bank and hopefully an ABC store. I definitely had luck:

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I had to laugh at myself when I deposited some checks and asked how many dollar coins the teller had. $15 worth! When I was in Scotland, I really loved the pound coins. I can't explain why, but it just seemed so natural to have that denomination in coin form.

After getting home and completing my tennis watching for the day, I put on some Bridget Jones and eventually got around to make my dinner of fish and chips...well, my version of it anyways:

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Only two more work days until holiday!


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