Tuesday, June 30, 2015

VA Wimbledon Day Two

Day Two was about the same as Day One, unfortunately. Work is really getting in the way of my embracing all things Wimbledon. I had an "English Fog" this morning and some baby scones again, but when you leave for work at 5am, it's tough to pack a proper British lunch. I did have some delicious lemon cookies, though:

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I did have some crisps as an afternoon snack, but dinner ended up being a takeout salad because I was in traffic on the way home for way too long. Side note, but I remember when I was in Scotland I kept eating all of my garnishes because our meals were so meat/potatoe heavy. Everything was DELICIOUS, but I craved salad and such. I love the green foods!

Tennis-wise, I'm happy with a lot of the wins (Murray, Wozniacki, Watson, etc.) and kind of shocked at some others (Bouchard, Halep). I didn't think either would make it too deep into the tournament, but first round losses were not on my bracket.

Tomorrow is going to be a goooooood VA Wimbledon day because I am off work and my only errand is to post something. I'm thinking a proper English breakfast is in order! And tea! Lots and lots of teaaaaa!


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