Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Darkness

For a happy person, I watch a lot of very dark TV.

  • The Fall is an amazing crime drama from the BBC that was filmed in and takes place in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It stars the incredible (and incredibly hot) Jamie Dornan as a serial killer who is being tracked by Superintendent Stella Gibson, played by the amazing Gillian Anderson. The first two seasons are comprised of just 11 episodes, so it's very easy to catch up. I actually tried to spread it out and then found myself unable to stop watching the last four or so episodes. It's a slow burn, but so worth it in my opinion. Also, don't be concerned if you find yourself attracted to a serial killer- blame Jamie Dornan. 
  • Vikings. Holy hell is this an awesome show. Now in its third season (and each season is 9 or 10 episodes), this is the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, the famous Norse hero who rises to power by raiding England and generally being bad-ass. The scenery is incredible, the acting is sensational, and the story will have you on the edge of your seat. I've seen some reviews that say it's slow, but I never feel that way when watching. This show also has one of the coolest characters on any show I've ever seen: Lagertha. If you don't want to be her, then you're crazy. 
  • Pretty Little Liars is probably a surprise show to see on this list of dark series, but have you been watching? It is dark! Season six premiered last night and I felt like I was watching a horror movie. I love this show because it just doesn't care how crazy it gets. You can't watch it and try to reason the plot out- you just watch and enjoy. 
  • Game of Thrones- Duh. This show brings me so much joy. I think the very high production value + great acting + great costumes + awesome story lines is what keeps me so obsessed. Oh, and Jon Snow. I feel like the first few seasons were very much "omg who is going to die now?!" as things were set up and now it's just watching to see how things play out. I haven't read the books (I like to read after I watch), but since the show writers are doing their own thing, that doesn't matter as much anymore. I still get nervous every single week that my favorites (Jon Snow, Sansa, Tyrion) are going to die, but it wouldn't be Game of Thrones if I could watch without some dread.
  • Outlander has been such a treat for me. I absolutely adore this show. Of course I started watching it because it's about Scotland and a hottie Scotsman, but what's kept me totally engrossed is the story and the acting...not to mention the incredible chemistry between Jamie and Claire. The show, which has some heart-warming romantic moments, is also quite dark at times. There has been some criticism over some of the scenes, but everything is handled so well and so smartly, that I have never had a complaint. 

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