Monday, June 29, 2015

VA Wimbledon Day One

Like I said yesterday, since I'm not actually in London for Wimbledon, I'm bringing the Championships to me in Virginia. I have a lot of fun things planned (mostly food related) and I got my first day kicked off fairly well.

This first week, while I still have to work, will be the tougher of the two and I started off today at 530am in the Starbucks line, realizing that I had to use my free drink coupon by tomorrow. Getting tea was out of the question because those free drinks are too valuable to waste so I went with my standby: triple grande toffee nut latte...toffee is an English thing, right? To go with my drink I got a breakfast sandwich with rashers.

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For my mid-morning snack I had some delicious mini- scones.

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Lunch was kinda tough because I hadn't packed anything proper and instead had a breakfast sandwich. But, I had ginger ale and that totally counts because of Canada and all.

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Oh, and my British candy bar! Delish and airy!

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Dinner was a steak and salad, but I pretended like I had HP Sauce on it.

So, one day in and VA Wimbledon is going well. Oh, and the tennis! I almost forgot about why I'm doing this! Well, I worked during all of the live matches today, but watched what I could once home and caught some of Djokovic's match as well as Sharapova's.


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