Sunday, June 21, 2015

True Detective S2.1

So let's start from the end really:

These three cops (Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, and Colin Farrell) all want to know what happened to Caspere, a city manager who had gone missing. They're also all three pretty effed up in different ways. Let's review:
  • Rachel McAdams as Ani
    • She's a cop who has family-related issues. Her sister works at a sex-cam house, her father is the leader for some religious institute, her mother's out of the picture, she has cold relationships with men, and she apparently drinks away at least some of her problems.
  • Colin Farrell as Ray
    • I find him to be the most confusing. He's an alcoholic, pot-smoking (?) cop who has anger issues? His wife (at the time) was raped and had the child nine years ago. Now he wants more time with his son (who is bullied), which at first seems sweet, but then, after he calls the son a "fat pussy" and then later brass knuckle-punches  the father of the bully, I started to think that maybe more time with the kid wouldn't be such a good idea. 
  • Taylor Kitsch as Woodrugh
    • I think I gathered that he was a war vet? Hence the scars? He also takes being a cop very seriously sand when he gets put on paid leave (for a woman lying that he solicited a BJ to get out of a ticket), he kind of doesn't know what to do with himself. We also find out he has a very randy girlfriend, but he won't ever stay the night. 

Now, we also have Vince Vaughn as Frank Semyon who is trying to cross the line from criminal to respectable. He is closely tied to Caspere because they were in business together (?) with the California Central Rail Corridor, but he also knows Ray from years past when he gave Ray the name of who raped his wife. Is Ray just doing jobs for Frank on the side? Because when an article comes out in the paper saying the city of Vinci is possibly the "most corrupt" around, Frank sends Ray over to take care of it so another report doesn't come out.* Later in the show, Ray shows up with the reporter's laptop and notes and says he took care of. Then he drinks himself to sleep. Frank was also the one to send Ray to the lawyer about getting custody-weird.

I'm curious if the story of the missing young woman who ended up working at Ani's father's institute is part of the story or was just a way for us to find out about Ani's family.

So, why was Caspere killed? His own receptionist says that he had a hold on the "purse strings" for a lot of people. Is it over the rail corridor? Something else? Something related to Frank's past life? The sex-cam house? The bully of the kid? OMG I have no idea. It should be noted, I think, that Caspere's house was filled with really weird art and dildos and some very strange naked woman in milk sculpture thing. Whut? I did have one awesome line in my notes: "Road trip continues. It would so be like me to miss that it's Caspere in the backseat." Lol.

Sooooo what did you think?

*I think? Basically this entire review is one asterisk to "I THINK".

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