Sunday, June 28, 2015

True Detective 2.2

Everyone is so clear after episode two. Or, rather, nothing is clear now.

Let's dive right in...

We start off with some major Vince Vaughn* ennui. He's laying in bed telling his woman a super depressing story about his childhood and being locked in a dark basement for days and days as his dad was on a bender. He includes the awesome detail of waking up to find a rat chewing on his hand and then killing the rat. Terrible pillow talk, VV. He's kinda freaking out, wondering if he's still in that basement now and how he feels like he's being told to "wake up".

Later on, VV finds out that Caspere died with all of his money figuratively on him. He didn't invest it in the land deals like he had promised. OMG. VV basically has nothing now. He is quick to say he cane get the money back, though. Obviously he's going to have to dabble in the illegal to do this. I guess one of his first things he does is threaten some guy who apparently runs books on Vinci sweatshops? I have no idea. There is obviously a lot of under the table business going on in Vinci: VV has a handle on Colin Firth (lol, I keep getting him confused with Farrell- can you imagine if Mr. Darcy was in this?!), VV has inside deals with city guys, and the city guys are working with other people. It's a lot to keep track of.

So, I guess VV starts to try to investigate Caspere on his own and ends up at a club, interviewing one of the girls. Turns out she went home with Caspere, not to the mansion, but to a seedy little house in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, our three cops are working on the Caspere investigation. We start off with the autopsy, which is pretty gruesome and they show Caspere's penis shot off-whoa. We get to see all of the different precincts trying to fight over the body. It's a little confusing because I honestly am not sure who is playing who. The most honest moment is when they talk to Colin Farrell and he straight up asks "Am I supposed to solve this or not?" Basically they tell him not to turn up any surprises. Allrighty then.

While we get some backstory on our detectives (Taylor's mom is a mess and he won't talk about the war, Rachel smokes e cigs and feels like she was the only one to escape from the hippie commune her dad runs, Colin is VV's little bitch and is about to lose his son), they also manage to do some legit sleuthing. They find out about Caspere's girl from the club named Tasha. They find out there was a $4k withdrawal five days ago and then Rachel figures out, via coordinates from the GPS, that Caspere was heading up north on some days.

Just a note on of my favorite moments was when Colin tells Rachel all of his dark secrets and then asks abut hers. The conversation ends with him saying that the investigation isn't supposed to work. He asks her to consider why it's just them three working on it and not a big task force. Colin speaks the truth, y'all.

All of the information gathering from the two sides comes together when VV meets up with Colin Farrell at the bar again and tells him about the side house where Caspere took his girls. He tells Colin to go there and hide anything having to do with the land dealings. Colin, who was just told he might lose his kid, pretty much tells VV that he might not have a reason to work for him again. For all of these years, VV has kept Colin under his thumb after the murder of his wife's rapist. VV does a good job of not looking freaked out and tells Colin to not talk like that.

Side note: the song being sung in the bar is "Come On" by Earl King (I think- a million people have covered it, but I think he is the original writer) and it has lines like "So many people live in make believe They keep a lot a dough up their sleeve But my love baby is not the kind that folds Come on baby, let the good times roll."

Now, the weirdest thing happens: Colin heads to the Caspere's house to check it out and there's music playing and a video recorder and then he hears something and you think he's going to  turn around and shoot someone, but...but...the weird bird man shoots Colin! Twice! OMG!

So, here are my questions about True Detective so far:

Is Colin dead?
What is happening?

*I will be using actor names! It's just easier.

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