Saturday, June 20, 2015

Friends Review: 1.5: TOWTEGLD

THe One With The East German Laundry Detergent

  •  So we're still inthe baggy clothes era of Friends. *sigh*
  • So they start off discussing the pros of being a male or female, which ends with Ross saying, "Multiple orgasms!" I dunno, being able to pee standing up would be super convenient.
  • Chandler has a date Saturday night despite wearing a horrific sweater vest that is only buttoned at the bottom. It's truly terrible. 
  • Oh, it's with Janice. 
  • Rachel is upset because her father offered to buy her a Mercedes convertible if she moves home. Hmmm...that would be tempting. 
  • Ross is super precious trying to set up a 'date' with Rachel to do their laundry. Pro Tip: Don't mentions rats...ever. 
  • An ex of Joey's comes in, dressed like Jessica Rabbit and then she taunts him about being "just friends". I do love love love that Joey sets up a double date, but then tells Monica that she's setting her up with Angela's brother. Amazing.
  • Why does Ross have a violin on his wall? Like, as a decoration. The dinosaurs in his room are kind of funny, though.
  • At Central Perk, Phoebe and Chandler are there to break up with their significant others. Of course, Phoebe's goes super quick and Chandler's is a mess.
  • I was always super confused by the mean lady in the laundromat. What is she wearing? That hat...what? Actually, I think I always thought the title of this episode was "...East German Lady" now that I think about it.
  • Ross is precious during the laundry 'date'.  "I'll use the...gentle cycle." "Under panty things."
  • Did Ross say "whole nother"?! Yuck.
  • The restaurant scenes are so funny and they work so well. "My brother didn't even tell me when he lost his virginity." 
  • Ew! Angela eats her wings so disgustingly. But even more disgusting to Monica, who thinks they're brother and sister, is how lovey dovey the two are. So funny! She finally figures it out and she and Joey plan on breaking them up:)
  • Meanwhile...Chandler is on espresso 32890 so Phoebe breaks up with Janice for him. 
  • The moment when Ross spins Rachel around in the cart and then kisses him is perfect. He is so freaked out. It's the best. 
Ross and Rachel, throughout the beginning of Friends always represented the most real aspect of the show for me. Phoebe is just too out there at times, Chandler is a little too slap-sticky, Joey too much of a lady's man, and Monica, at times, is too high strung. And not that real people aren't all of those things, but Ross and Rachel are effortlessly real to me in these episodes. Ross trying to finagle his way into her plan to do laundry is so something I would have done. He loves her, but just can't do anything super concrete about it. It's sweet and that's why he is my favorite character...followed quite closely by Rachel, of course.

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