Monday, June 01, 2015

Red Reviews: June 2015

Time for new magazines!

9. This is a striking cover but once you look at it for too long, you notice that the white starts to blend in with her outfit and her hair looks super weird. The movement is nice, but it starts to be distracting. I love the dress she is in. 
8. A nice cover. It doesn't offend me, but it also doesn't excite me. 
7. I like the very face-forward pose and I even think she looks a tiny bit like Elizabeth Olsen in this stance. The bright red is great for a June cover, isn't it? Pastels are so often used and pastels are gross.
6. Love Anna Kendrick. I mean, who doesn't? I like this dress and the color scheme of the layout, but her expression just doesn't captivate me. I need a little more smirk. 
5. Also love Mindy Kaling! And this dress, and the way it matches the top, is so good. Kind of like Glamour's cover, I need a little more life in her expression.
4. UK Vogue is always knocking it out of the park, in my opinion. I looooove the inclusion of the beach and the full body, but relaxed pose. And orange! Love.
3. Taylor Swift is a goddess. I love her so much and I am SO glad she has grown into such a fashionable, smart, talented person. Major props for this cover and it's boldness of 1) the outfit, 2) covering up of ELLE and 3) the dead space left alone by her pose. (It was difficult to not type "dead space between her legs"-Yikes!)
2. I love Kristen Stewart, you guys. I think she's an awesome actress and her fashion spreads are always great. See how her eyes are really piercing? That's what I want from the other covers. The only negative for me on this cover is the amount of pastel pink. Wow!
1. Everything about this cover speaks to me. The colors are amazing- the icy blue against the soft background. Her hair looks amazing and even has movement in the shot. Her eyes are so beautiful and piercing that I feel like I'm looking at an HD TV. And her pose, which is exceptional and anchors everything together in just the right way to highlight how gorgeous she is. I. Love. This. (Also, definitely pick up this issue because the main spread is beautiful, too.)

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