Saturday, July 11, 2015

VA Wimbledon Days 11 and 12

Nearing the end of Wimbledon, which makes me sad. I love these two weeks and while I have a lot of (in-person) tennis planned for August, it's a long run until the US Open. And my favorites lost in the semis so that's unfortunate.

I'm watching the Women's Final now, but if Serena starts to win, I'll turn it off. I just really don't like how she plays. I think she can be great off the court and usually gives good interviews, but her style just really drives me crazy.

I will definitely watch the Men's Final now and will be cheering hard for Djokovic. My friend asked me: "Don't you want to see Federer win just one more?" And the answer is NO.

Okay, so British food and have I done? Keep in mind that I'm not doing repeat photos so just know that I've had a ton of tea (YUM!) and chips and British biscuits and stuff.

The Lion candy bar originated in Fawdon, England according to Wikipedia. It was one of those crispy/caramelly types and it was good, but not as good as the Coffee Crisp.

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Yesterday was pretty awesome because I started drinking Pimms at about 1130am...and it was delicious.

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I think one reason why I love the US Open so much is that it's tennis ALL DAY...mostly because it's in my time zone, but also because of the night matches. So, while I've really been enjoying Wimbledon, sometimes it's over by 2 and I have the rest of the day to fill with non tennisy things. Like beer, I guess:

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(That's a Boddingtons.)


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