Sunday, July 12, 2015

Friends Review: 1.6: TWWTB

The One With The Butt

  •  I love when we get to see Joey's acting. It's always a treat. 
  • Ross is so the friend who doesn't get the sublte hints to look at a pretty girl. *sigh*
  • Wow, the girl Chandler hits on has on such a good outfit because it's timeless! Classic, all black with a statement necklace. 
  • Supposedly Joey's play was terrible. I'm glad he finds his groove later on with General Hospital.
  • Oooh, this is when Joey gets his agent, Estelle! 
  • The NYC shots from above look like they were done with a first version drone.
  •  First intro of Yemen?? Love it. Is that why Chandler later in the series tells Janice he is moving there?
  • So Chandler's date is married...and has a boyfriend. Wowza!
  • This brings up one of those classic discussions among the friends when Monica poses the question to the guys of whether this is their dream scenario too. 
  • Oh boy, Rachel cleaned up. Hello to Monica's OCD. She is so weird about things. I love how casual Rachel is about everything.
  • Phoebe does a little motion from The Shining to show how crazy Monica is. Good job on a reference! 
  • Ross points out that Monica is their mom. Not what most 20-somethings want to hear. (I would- my mom is awesome!)
  • Joey got a part in the new Al Pacino movie! ...As his butt double.
  • So, I find it really gross that Chandler is sharing his new girl with several others. 
  • At Joey's gig, he messes up the shot because he keeps trying to read too much into the part;)
  • Chandler does end up having a problem with sharing his girl-thank goodness! 
  • Man, Rachel loves the mom jeans in this episode. 
  • Aw, Monica can't handle leaving her shoes in the living room. A problem I have never had.
This is an okay episode. It's more about Joey and Chandler than I would like. I prefer the ones that have Ross and/or Rachel with the main plotline. OCD Monica can be funny, but when she is too crazy about things, it's annoying. 

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