Sunday, July 12, 2015

True Detective 3.4

"Heads Will Roll"

The consensus on twitter seems to be: WHUT?

Vince Vaughn is still freaking out, but is also kind of morphing into a caricature of a criminal. Everything he says is Very Dramatic and has a double meaning. (Cavities, anyone?) He's going all around town trying to call in every favor he has (and doesn't have) to get some business going to bring in money. He even tries to bring Colin F into his new game!  And he's also having even more problems with his girl, mostly about her really wanting a baby. She suggests adoption, but VV so lovingly says that he doesn't want someone's responsibility. Basically children are just little bundles of burden and sin. Cute!

While investigating, Colin F tell Rachel McAdams that she's made the mayor and his buddies angry and should be careful. She is all about the case, though, and keeps on truckin' with her leads. They follow the mayor's (?) daughter to a hookah bar and find out that 1) her mom was schizophrenic and killed herself, but had a shady doctor and 2) her father is a bad man. The detectives get even more info while questioning Rachel's dad again. It turns out the mayor, Caspere, etc. had all been visitors at the hippie place when younger. Not sure what that means, but how convenient that the dad had a lovely group photo of them all. After that, Rachel and Colin head out towards Fresno following the lead of the soil sample reports they had found in Caspere's place. They make some circles on the map and an expert let's us know that those areas are all high in lead and other dangerous stuff. Looks like the land sucked!

Meanwhile, Taylor K has had quite the adventurous night and wakes up at his buddy's house with no recollection of the night before. Things become a little more clear when his buddy embraces him and pretty much says to let himself go and that it won't be that bad. Taylor races out of there and takes a cab back to the seedy part of town where he had been investigating the night before. Of course, his motorcycle has been stolen and while he is busy yelling expletives in the road, a bunch of reporters run after him to ask questions. Colin F ends up saving the day and picks him up. I think Taylor K is really good in all of these scenes where he has to cry. He has a lot of emotional baggage going on, but Colin tells him to get some Pedialyte and it'll all be okay. Later on he meets up with his girl and it's very not romantic when she says she is pregnant and then he proposes. I definitely groaned when that happened. But Taylor does get a good lead on a potential suspect by tracking down a pawned watch that had been stolen from Caspere's and they put out an APB on the pimp.

Rachel checks in with her boss and finds out that there's a sexual misconduct complaint against her for banging a subordinate. She straight up asks if the mayor of Vinci had anything to do with it and says if she was a man this wouldn't be happening. I groaned when she said that, for sure. I guess she was desperate and freaking out. So she's on leave, but can still work on the state case, which is good because they have a lead on where the pimp is!

So they get a big group of cops together and go sauntering down the street with their bulletproof vests on. It's kind of weird how out in the open they are (while a protest is going on nearby) but then they stealthily get into place to enter the warehouse. None of that really pans out, though, because someone starts shooting at them from the third floor. And like, machine gun shooting at them so it's really scary. It turns into a car/foot chase and then another shootout and pretty much everyone but our leads dies. It's a massacre.

I don't understand it, but I think our biggest clue this week is that all of the power players had been at the hippy place years ago. Also, Colin Farrell is the best part of this show. Hands down.

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