Saturday, July 04, 2015

Red Reviews: July 2015

Time for July fashion mags!

Keep in mind that a few magazines doing June/July issues and won't be included.

9. This cover is fine, but it's just fine. The seemingly spread-eagle pose is a little weird, but her hair and makeup look amazing! 
8. This one was tough, because expression-wise, this is stellar...but those things on her dress are so distracting! I really like Cara Delevingne, though. I'm glad she is everywhere right now.

7. LOVE the color scheme here. So striking! I also like her outfit with the bondage-looking part peeking out from behind the all business skirt and shirt. I have little issue with Kim Kardashian, but I find her figure to be very distracting sometimes. (Not in an oogly eyes way, but because her hips/butt are always on display.)
6. This cover reminds me of American Hustle, which is very very awesome because I love that movie. This is such a tiny detail, but the yellow of allure is what keeps me from loving this cover. I wonder why they chose that color. 

5. This is such a model cover. Could anyone else pull off a white one piece on the cover? Probably not. In comparison to the Allure cover, the Elle in bright pink is what really pulls this cover together.
4. She has a little bit of a "OMG how did I get on the cover?!" expression here, but it seems so genuine. And while I'm not a fan of soft pink, this cover works really well. And, compared to the Vogue cover, the weird things on her dress are not distracting. 
3. I thought this was Robin Wright when I saw it in thumbnail form and even though it's not, the fierceness is still there. Spectacular colors, fresh outfit, and classy pose. I really love this. 
2. Not your traditional cover, but maybe that's why I like it. The colors are soooo pretty and I love how the background and dress are one and the same.
1. Maybe we should put Amanda Seyfried on every magazine since she's been in the top spot twice now. The dress, the pose, the expression, the colors...everything is working for me on this one! Ah-mazing!

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