Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Could Stay Away Forever

Friday night was a complete mystery to me. I was told to leave work at 630pm and head to my sister's apartment. Ali had told me to wear layers. She said I should wear leggings with pull away athletic pants and shirts that would easily allow me to put a harness on. She's a kidder, that one. Ali took me to the secret destination (Plan B) with only one near death experience involving a flying sheet of ice for some much needed grub and beer and PRESENTS where we had a grand ol' time that included honey mustard, people singing to me, amazing cupcakes, and the following people: Ali, Serena, Steven, Allie, Ravena, and Phil.

Then, my amazing group of boos took me to another secret destination. We were in two cars, with me and Steven in one and everyone else in the other, and I was quite confused by then. We started heading south and eventually ended up in a random neighborhood. I was racking my brain trying to think of who might live back there and why, if there was a party, my sister couldn't come with us? (She can't go to bars until 20 December 2007, guys.) But then Brendan came out and got in the other car and I realized that we were picking him up-ahhhh, made more sense then. A wee bit later we were in Arlington, parked on sheets of ice and waiting to get into that bar I can never remember the name of, but is the one we got kicked out of once.

The bar was fun, as bars tend to be. Serena, Allie and I tried to figure out our "moves" while trying them out on poor* Brendan. I would give more details on this portion of the evening, but divulging moves is like losing the playbook before the big game. Steven was the king of boos that night and the next day as he patiently let me flirt with him and gave us rides to all of our destinations. Another interesting part of Friday night was meeting some guy named Rhett and having the following exchange: "Is that really your name?" "Yes, why!?" "My name is Rhett." "WHOA! PROVE IT!" and he did. And it was. That always freaks me out.

About two or three hours after we got back to Steven's apartment, we got up again to make it to DC to catch the bus to NYC. Ahhh, New York, how I love thee. Dozing on the bus ride was a good plan as we hit the streets running. Roughly 30 hours in the city gives a mere slice of what is offered. Basically we spent our time eating, drinking, and being merry. (See Serena's post for some more details.) I, too, held back from buying an amazing bag from LeSportsac and I actually was surprised I did manage to "just say no"** since, "It's my birthday" is the perfect reason to buy an expensive bag. The thing I love about NYC is the walking and what you see along the way. Mostly this weekend that involved dogs. Was it a citywide plan to take every dog on a walk between the hours of 1-9pm on Saturday? Well, thank you, NY, I do love puppies:)

After recuperating in the phat apartment Ravena scored for us, we headed back out to properly celebrate the fact that I was turning 27. I guess for me, the proper way to celebrate anything is with booze, hott guys, and A LOT of flirting. (Although, to be honest, except for the booze, that's how I spend many of my days:) The bar we chose did not disappoint and was so good we ended up staying there the entire night. The company we had didn't hurt in the least, though. At one point it was the four of us smack dab in the middle of a sausage fest with our expats*** on one side, and what seemed like the entire Air Force on the other side. With so much to relay from the evening, I don't even know where to start. I can't repeat half the things whispered into my ear that night, but I will never say "double fisting" again and might have to start calling certain articles of clothing "jumpers." I have also decided that the second I get my passport and have enough money for one of those random cheap flights, I am on my way to London. Or anywhere in the UK really.

So all in all, it was an amazing birthday and a gazillion thanks to my friends, family, and random strangers who helped make it so great.


*Ha, maybe if 'poor' means 'lucky' now.
**Thanks, Nancy.
***Will link to MY pics asap.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome birthday! I'm glad you lived it up!!! Hope you have a great year ;) HAPPYBDAY!

Serena said...

It was a grand time had by all. No complaints here!

Marissa said...

i just realized i never got back to you about nyc!!! omg, im so sorry! what's the matter with me?! it sounds like you had an amazing time and fantastic birthday!!

DC Celine said...

Sounds like it was an amazing birthday...

honeykbee said...

happy belated!

Cheryl said...

That sounds like a great birthday and great friends to celebrate with too.

Miss Scarlet said...

arebelsong- Thanks:) It was definitely awesome.

serena- I want it to be my birthday more often;)

Marissa- It's ok! I was worried I bothered you or something, haha.

DCCeline- very amazing. and I think my new scarf my sister gave me looked cute:)

Honeykbee- Gracias!

Cheryl- Oh yes, great!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Double fisting, huh?

Perhaps that is some kind of outlandish aerobatic manouvre the airman was trying to impress you with.

Ant said...


So I take it these were the British boys that were telling you our interpretation of "double fisting", hmmm? :o)

Glad you had a fab time! Sounds like a blast...

Miss Scarlet said...

ultra toast- Hahha, to clarify, once again, double fisting here means holding two drinks! NOTHING SEXUAL!

Ant- It was definitely a good time:)