Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Publish My Love

Random People And Things I Love (in no particular order):

+Brad Pitt
+puppy dog faces
+the way certain wood smells when burned
+when the cellophane wrapper comes off a new CD easily and also, "Mr. Cellophane" from Chicago
+magazines (including the ads)
+horoscopes/astrology (but not in a weird, "I have crystals" way.)
+the number 17...followed closely by other prime numbers.
+when I can hear someone's accent when they sing (Arab Strap, I'm looking at you!)
+the first sip of a nonfat, white chocolate mocha with whip
+smelling chlorine and knowing a pool is near
+movies by Sofia Coppola
+wrapping gifts that are in boxes
+the sounds of tennis
+taking pictures at concerts
+when the 1st clarinet player isn't at rehearsal and I get to fill in
+Gilmore Girls and anything related to it
+still not quite believing that lambs are baby sheep
+getting cold while on the beach even though it's sunny
+that last leg of a road trip when everyone goes a little crazy
+text messages (email me for my number;)
+boy arms
+XM radio especially channels 20 and 29
+the Style section
+putting books into order
+when class is cancelled because of snow (COME ON, UMW! CANCEL NIGHT CLASSES!)
+when Ali emails me history lessons and tells me who I'm for or against
+Just about anything having to do with Russia
+the color green
+New Release Tuesday
+birthday secrets
+classical music that turns me into a weepy lame-ass
+when my mom finds my old tests and papers and puts them on the fridge
+my car
+games we play in the car when trying not to fall asleep
+wheat beer
+inside jokes
+the bassoon
+thai food

I reserve the right to add to this list whenever I want:)

Happy Valentine's Day, my gorgeous boos!



rooroo said...

:) excellent list. happy valentine's day to you, too!

Serena said...

Good list, boo. : )

Steven said...

Rogue Wave!

Velvet said...


Kristabella said...

Happy V-Day!

I love 17 too, not because it's a prime number but because it's Mark Grace's jersey number.

And I'm so going to start texting you during Lost and Gilmore Girls!

minijonb said...

I love lists, so that made my day.

Happy v-day!

Miss Scarlet said...

Rooroo- Thanks!

Serena- Gracias!

Steven- YES!


Kristabella- You totally should. Do you have my number? Get it from Senor.

Minijonb- lists rule!

Senor Beavis said...

I'll hook Kristabella up if you add Kristen Bell to your list. :)

Just kidding, I'll do it anyway.

Ant said...

Yes, that is a fantastic list - spread the love...

minijonb said...

first v-day then a b-bay... February really is your month!